Environmental Education

2022-2023 EE Chair – Jamey Moran

Welcome to the resource page for EEC!! We’re thrilled you’re here and look forward to finding ways
to help you start an EEC at your school or enhance the program already in place. Having an
active and productive EEC at every school within the ECCC is a huge goal! Click on the Resources link to get started!

Additional Information

Recycle Program
o Does your school have a working recycling process? If so, inquire with your janitorial staff
on where they see improvements can be made. If not, help develop the program. We can
help!! Reach out to cheerstoreycling@gmail.com to discuss.

Find resources such as “Sensible Steps to Healthier School Environments” at the U.S. Department of Education Green Strides School Sustainability Resource Hub (www.greenstrides.org)

Georgia Department of Education Environmental Education(EE) Resources including calendar of events, contests, grants, directories, etc.