ECCC PTA GMM – Scholarships, Local Unit Awards, and Elections is April 27, 2023

The ECCC PTA General Membership Meeting is Thursday, April 27 – 9 am at Walton High School located at 1590 Bill Murdock Rd, Marietta, GA 30062. Don’t forget to bring your I.D. for entry!

• ECCC PTA Margie Hatfield Scholarships – One student from each of the 6 high schools in our council will be receiving a $1,000 scholarship. We had 25 students apply and judges are reviewing applications now.

• Local Unit Awards and Elections – at least one representative from each of our 35 local units should attend – we need quorum to elect leaders for upcoming year.

• Please plan to be at the school no later than 9am to allow yourself plenty of time to get into the building, sign in the front office, eat a bite in the lobby (we cannot take food into the lecture hall), and make your way through the Library to the Lecture Hall, where our meeting will be held.

• Walton has asked us to park in the bus lanes and enter the school through the “back door of main entrance”. If you are coming to Walton, from Pine Rd, it will be your first right after you turn onto Bill Murdock Rd. If you are coming from Sewell Mill Rd, on Bill Murdock Rd, it will be the last road/driveway on your left, before you hit Pine Rd. Park facing the school in front of the signs for the main entrance. Once you enter the building, please proceed to the front office to sign in. Then you will be directed down the hall to the lobby with small breakfast items.

• Please bring your own coffee cup and/or water bottle (we are trying to be environmentally friendly). Then we will move into the Lecture Hall, through the Library, to begin our meeting no later than 9:30.

* * * Don’t forget to bring your I.D. * * *

2021-2022 Scholarship Form

The 2021-2022 Scholarship form is online this year:


Each spring the East Cobb County Council (ECCC) of PTAs awards one $1,000 scholarship to a graduating senior from each of the six ECCC high schools. The scholarship, known as the ECCC PTA Margie Hatfield Scholarship, honors the dedication and years of service given by Mrs. Hatfield to the youth of our council. In recognition of her volunteer involvement, the ECCC PTA Margie Hatfield Scholarship Fund awards deserving seniors who have made significant contributions to the community. This is NOT a grade based scholarship but a service oriented scholarship. Any graduating senior enrolling in a full-time course of study at any institute of higher learning may apply. Students, however, must be a member of your school’s PTSA and if awarded a scholarship, must use the funds for continuing education at a trade school, two or four year university/college. Below is the link, criteria and timeline.

Sprayberry High School PTSA

Lassiter High School PTSA

Alan C. Pope High School PTSA

Walton High School PTSA

Wheeler High School PTSA

Kell High School PTSA